Garmetrode Conductive Sock - Universal Fit

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The Garmetrode Conductive Sock is an alternative to traditional adhesive-backed electrodes, providing 360 degrees of even electrode treatment over the foot and ankle for the utmost effectiveness in treating injuries and disorders. It is compatible with all standard TENS lead wires pins and its stretchable fabric allows for a comfortable, universally snug fit.

  • Effective and convenient, providing even stimulation to the entire foot and ankle
  • Universal size with stretchable fabric
  • To be used in conjunction with a TENS device; compatible with standard TENS lead wires pins (0.080 in. diameter)
  • Reusable and hand washable
  • Should be moistened with water (DO NOT soak) or used in conjunction with Conductive Spray (#LS2177 sold separately) for increased conductivity and to prevent tarnish to garment that water and other media may cause
  • Includes: Four (4) EF3000TC2, 3" round electrodes and one (1) WS3147 pig tail snap

To best treat foot and ankle injuries with electrotherapy, purchase the Garmetrode Conductive Sock.

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