Lumbar Support Back Cushion

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​​​​​The BodyMed Lumbar Support Back Cushion is designed to cushion your back when you're putting pressure on your lumbar region while sitting, driving, or even relaxing at home. These seemingly normal activities can cause lasting back problems. The Lumbar Support Back Cushion is specifically designed to fit any chair or car seat. It's made of a durable, plush fabric that feels and looks elegant. Start your relaxation today.

This lumbar support cushion molds to the shape of your back to provide comfort while you sit in your office chair or car.

If you spend long hours in an office chair or sitting in a car, the BodyMed Lumbar Support Back Cushion can help support lower back soreness and tightness.

With an adjustable strap, this lumbar support back cushion stays in place while you sit. It fits seamlessly on any office chair or car seat.

The BodyMed Lumbar Support Back Cushion’s curvature makes it comfortable to place anywhere along the back of a chair. This plush lower back cushion can offer on-the-go support when you need it most.

  • Designed for use in any car seat or chair.
  • Size: 13" x 14".

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