Non-Adhesive Carbon Rubber Electrode

Size: 2.5 Inch Round Gray
Sale price$8.89


Designed for superior adhesion and flexibility, BodyMed® Non-Adhesive Carbon Rubber Electrodes offer improved durability at a price that won’t break the budget. These premium carbon electrode pads are made of carbon-infused medical-grade silicone. They require the use of water or a conductive spray/gel to optimize conductivity.

Each carbon electrode allows for multiple uses. To reuse each electrode:

  • Peel the electrode off the plastic layer.
  • Apply it to the treatment area.
  • Remove after treatment and reapply to the plastic layer for later use.

  • Made of carbon-infused medical-grade silicone rubber.
  • For use with TENS and EMS units.
  • Compatible with 0.08˝ pin connector.
  • Requires addition of water or conductive spray or gel to optimize conductivity.
  • Replacement recommended after six months.
  • Color: Gray, light Blue
  • Size: 2.5˝, 3.3˝, 3˝ x 4.75˝, 3.75˝
  • Shape: Round, Rectangular
  • Material: Carbon-infused silicone rubber
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