Swabstick Cotton Tip Wood Shaft 6 Inch Sterile 2 per Pack

Quantity: Box of 100
Sale price$17.99


Medline Cotton-Tipped Applicator with Wood Shaft, 6 Inch, Sterile, Packaged in 2-Packs, Case of 10 Boxes (2,000 Applicators Total)
  • Premium cotton-tipped applicators can be used for first aid, ointment application and even craft projects
  • Tightly wound, highly absorbent cotton tips
  • Sturdy 6-inch long wood shaft
  • Single-use applicators are packaged 2 sticks per sterile package
  • One box contains 100 2-packs
  • Case of 10 boxes with 1,000 packs of two, for a total of 2,000 applicators

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