TENS CELL Heavy Duty 9V Battery

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Our 9V Super Alkaline Batteries are made of high-quality material for consistent power and durability. They were specifically designed for TENS units but can be used by other devices that require standard 9V batteries.

  • Specifically created for TENS units, which are used for pain management and electrical muscle stimulation, but also work great as household batteries.
  • Can be used with smoke detectors, lamps, and regular household appliances
  • Engineered for daily use; provides long-lasting power before you must replace them
  • Will guarantee consistent power output to get the most out of your TENS device
  • No leakage, standardized sizing, and premium packaging
  • 12/box 

 For long-lasting, consistent power, purchase your TENS CELL 9V Super Alkaline Battery.

  • 1/pack

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