Theraband Exercise Band Pack, 30 to 5ft

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Resistance: Extra Heavy - (Blue)
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Thera Band Exercise Dispensing System allows you to perform resistive exercises. It comes in different thickness levels to allow you to change the resistance for a particular exercise and to accommodate users with varying levels of strength. The thickness of the band determines its resistance level. It provides proper safety instructions to every patient.

  • Exercise bands in packs of 5 different color-coded resistance levels.
  • Choose from light (yellow), medium (red), heavy (green), x-heavy (blue) and special heavy (black).
  • There are 30 resistance exercise bands per pack.
  • Packs contain individually wrapped bands; each has its own bar code, which enables tracking of inventory and sales.
  • Each resistance exercise band in the pack contains a set of safety instructions.
  • Each resistance exercise band in the pack is 5' x 5.5".

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